All cheats

Game Code Description
Hitstick nkw Invincible
Hitstick oms No Reload
Hitstick 2 depzone move trough levels by pressing (Q or W)
Hitstick 2 concie full access to every zone
Hitstick 2 resgod invincibility
Hitstick 2 beedapack all items
Hitstick 2 fstbur a faster firing rate
Hitstick 2 wtf what is love ?!?
Hitstick 3 nonoise all guns with silencers
Hitstick 3 huho clown heads
Hitstick 3 wtf What is Love ?!?
Hitstick 3 concie full access to every zone
Hitstick 3 resgod invincibility
Hitstick 3 beedapack all items
Hitstick 3 fstbur a faster firing rate
Hitstick 4 killy all weapons
Hitstick 4 imuny invincible
Hitstick 4 hosty nobody is agressive
Hitstick 4 bloody more gore
Hitstick 4 cuty cat faces !!!
Hitstick 6 willis Invincible
Hitstick 6 caramba All weapons
Hitstick 6 bipbip Rapid Movements
Hitstick 6 ezio Notoriety
Hitstick 6 trump 100 000$
Hitstick 6 Shift + 5 If you want to skip a mission
Hitstick Rebirth HOLSTER Unlock all guns
Hitstick Rebirth BRIEFCASE Unlock all missions
Hitstick Rebirth BELT Infinity of ammo
Hitstick Rebirth PAYDAY + 2500 $
Hitstick Rebirth INCOGNITO Hostility at minimum
Game Code Description